Monday, 10 March 2014

Vintage Fringe.

                                                                     Touch of Vintage       

         Everyone would agree with me that adding a touch of vintage to one's look is ''classic''  Vintage are landmark,timeless,unforgetable,ageless and undying. Let me tell you a little story about my fringe waist coat. Seven years ago, i was ''preggo'' looking very heavy, i could remember me wearing a long shirt and black leggings on flats. I went out shopping looking for a waist coat to hide my side bumps. I went searching the whole store but i didn't find anything stylish,they all looked black and boring. On my way home i found a vintage boutique at a corner starring directly at me. I decided to pop in not for the waist coat but thought i could find any interesting piece. lo and behold i saw this masterpiece showing off, Instantly i grab the bloody waist coat. The lady at the till mentioned ''Oh what an interesting piece. How come i never noticed it?  I smiled. Inside of me i was thinking?? Oh yeahhh... I just wanted to pay then leave. I bought it but since then i never wore it but kept it somewhere in my wardrobe hoping for this day to come. This vintage waist coat is (Elisa Landri) Designed with suede heavy silk embroidery,if this jacket was to be sold in a big designer store haha.. i bet would be paying loads for it, but hey? It's vintage!