Saturday, 22 February 2014


                                                                             Pink Effect               

      Hey rockers, So sorry have been away for a while,So happy am back again. I had a horrible flu and suffered loads of allergy from taking penicillin (you can read more about allergy here) I had terrible itching all over from head to toe, felt like hives, bumps on my face and burning sensation all over, it was that bad! At the beginning well, I thought it was just a slight allergy from maybe soya milk, thought I could deal with it on my own *sigh* I got some allergy tablets from the pharmacy which I think helped a little. I went       researching on the internet and found so many reviews about burning sensations, hives and itching, I found loads of information and that also helped. I decided to do some home remedy before going for series of test, I tried Tetley red bush, camomile tea  from twining, oolong tea, pukka night time and apple vinegar from braggs and also took some multivitamins which really help stop the itching. Right now i feel very relaxed but am still going for series of test. Right now i got bumps on my face like huge pimples but am glad i am alive. Thanks to God. Life is beautiful, love you guys!!! *wink*                                                                            

                     what am i wearing?       
                                                                                    Zara boots- Here

                  Silk drape skirt/jumpsuit 2 in 1-Future Classics
               Jacket- @Nasty gal
                Sunglasses Roberto cavalli
                   Necklace-Maison martin margiela +H&M 
               Vintage double mesh vest-Beppe Bondi