Wednesday, 11 December 2013


                                                               Polka Dots For Winter             

          I love polka dots, It's my favorite trend in winter, It does calls for attention. I love the glow of polka dot design in grey winter. It's spot on! Today i am rocking my retro polka dot skirt all tied up by me with my white long sleeve Twin giraffe print blouse from Chicnova see here, just my everyday look, I hope you like it. I recently got a RiverIsland cut-out boots which i didn't really like, Reason is because the boots were not true to size, they were very loose on my feet, the buckles were not tight enough and the quality of the boots were average and mind you, they not leather.When they came i instantly feel in love with them but as soon as i wore them, i was like huh?! I surely recommend if you are getting these boots you should go for a smaller fit. If you wear a 7, i recommend you go for a 6. This is all i have for you loads today. Heart you loads, Kisses.


                                                          RiverIsland Cut Out boots- Here
                                                            Vintage Polka Dot Skirt- After Dark
                                                              Blouse- Here
                                                                Vintage Wool Jacket by Burton
                                                                  Perspex Green Clutch bag-Zara