Sunday, 22 December 2013


                                                          How I Wore My Pink Doc Martens                

      Hey sweets, Remember three weeks ago, I said i was going to share my new Docs with you all. Yeahhh...yeah here it is, My sweet baby pink Dr Martens boots. I have always admired Dr martens boots whenever i see them in shops or online. The only panic i had for these boots was the online reviews about breaking into them before you can wear them. Some people said you have to break in them with at least two pairs of wool socks that sucks yeah! and that has to take like a month ''scary'' Some people said their feet bleed so much while they had a long walk in them, Some said you have to break them with hammer or you bath with them in your shower room before you can break in them. Some even said they had to microwave theirs huh?! and the most bizarre one, is the one i read that says,She kept her Docs soaked with big plastic bag of water in the freezer for days before she could break into them. See here for more crazy reviews or here lol.  All of these reviews made me trot, I never wanted to bleed in shoes, All i wanted was to be relaxed in any pair of shoes i get. Then i saw the baby pink docs, instantly i fell in love with them, I just wanted to get them not minding all the reviews i read online. Well, I eventually got them. I tried them the first day and they were so comfortable but the tongue were a little hard, Well that's normal to me. I wore them out today and my feet were so protected, no pains of any kind.  I heard Docs are pretty addictive,Yes they are, because am getting another one soon. I wanna rock in them!