Saturday, 23 November 2013

And We Went.........

                                                                  Our Trip  To The Museum              

Hello sweeties,Remember in my last post i discussed about sharing photos of my trip to the British museum with you guys, Yay! finally it's here live.... I should have posted this three days ago but i was down with hay fever and someone really got on my nerves. I am sorry if i haven't visited your blogs but i have tried to visit some blogs. Lets be frank guys, I blog twice or thrice a week while some of you blog almost everyday and expect me to visit your blogs everyday huh?! I think that's a bit too much for me, huh!? Tough... I love blogging but i got way too much to handle. I love visiting blogs, I get to see new things and inspirations. Every blog is very important to me. Well, I understand some bloggers get pissed when you don't visit their blogs often, so they never return to your blog. I have seen so many super blogs without comments yet they get noticed,some bloggers don't even care about comments,they just blog and leave you to get inspired by their blog post, Maybe it's because they have got to much to do. Lets be real everyone loves comments but when it becomes a force it makes you feel very uncomfortable. Just take me for who i am lol....I love you guys and i love your blogs so much and am gonna try visit twice or thrice in a week but i can't just do everyday.


          Whao! I love the ceiling so much, you can't just stop starring at the design, it's awesome!                                                                                                                                                        
When we got in, we were first greeted by this huge Basalt statue known as Hoa  Hakananai'a
You can read details from the picture.

Then we headed to Africa Section.

Then we saw the Throne of Weapons made by the Mozambican artist Kester Maputo
He chose to make the chair and named it a throne. You can read more ...Here

The pots were so beautiful, I couldn't get my eyes off them.


                                                               Tree Of Life

I took this this picture from the top building,the kids wanted to know how deep it was,so i showed them this picture and they screamed Wowwww...
Then we headed to Egypt section.


        OMG! It's great fun to be with kids,One of them actually said, Miss, that mummy is gone              missing? He said i think he or she escaped. I laughed all through. They were so excited, it was                                                           great fun hanging with them.

                            My cutie pie in the middle along with two of his best friends.Sorry you can't                                see their faces, it's a school trip so am not allowed to display their faces. Sorry!
                                                              They were so excited.

At the end we were all very tired, I looked so tired and grumpy here lol...
My little cutie took this cute photo of me.
But seriously, I enjoyed the trip, I learnt a lot, knowledge is power!!! I wanna go again.There were loads of interesting sections to visit.
We just couldn't touch all the areas, that place was pretty massive,you just can't do all in one day.
For more information visit The British Museum website below.